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From startup to provider: Renfe partners with these startups, offering up to €1M to implement their solutions
Winner of the accessibility challenge

Winner of the Accessibility challenge in TrenLab's 4th edition, formalized a contract with Renfe for the implementation of a communication system accessible to people with hearing disabilities in stations. This system is based on sound recognition and can detect any alert, sending visual and sensory notifications to customers' smartwatches and smartbands.



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Winner of the Future Railway Maintenance challenge

This startup, from TrenLab's 4th edition, collaborates with Renfe through a contract to develop a new technology solution based on cloud services, for monitoring train maintenance bases. It automates the use of facilities in smart workshops in Fuencarral and Santa Catalina, representing a significant investment to improve agility and decision-making efficiency.

Winner of the Operational Safety challenge

After participating in TrenLab's 4th edition, Limmat signed a contract with Renfe to develop a computer system for the automatic and massive analysis of train recorder data. This system focuses on studying driving trends through the georeferenced and massive analysis of ASFA Digital and ERTMS records, rolling stock parameters, and track condition, enhancing driving safety and energy efficiency from the human factor perspective, using machine learning.



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Winner of the sustainability challenge

After a remarkable participation in the TrenLab's 4th edition, of the acceleration program, Greemko implemented a system for measuring and managing the carbon footprint, reinforcing one of Renfe's main commitments: advancing towards sustainability.

Winner of the freight transport digitization challenge

This company, which offers technology based on Computer Vision, was the fourth of the five startups that participated in TrenLab's 4th edition, edition and managed to formalize a contract with Renfe to implement their project on a larger scale. They offer software for detecting, reading, and digitizing all types of codes. It is very useful for asset traceability, access control, meter reading, or stock control in ports, logistics, and industrial companies. Additionally, it is very easy to install and integrate, with very low hardware requirements, using a single camera or mobile device.

Renfe invests in the equity of startups

Through a hybrid innovation model known as Corporate Venture Capital

Renfe takes a further step in its commitment to collaborate with startups by acquiring equity in them, thereby gaining access to their innovation and technology, while also supporting their growth and development.

Renfe invested in Imotion Analytics in 2023. Imotion was also one of the participants in TrenLab's 2nd edition acceleration edition.

The potential of the investment lies in the technology developed by Imotion Analytics. Through artificial intelligence software and proprietary algorithms, it is capable of monitoring in real time the flow of visitors and occupancy rates, as well as detecting and counting various objects.

Renfe has been investing in Visualfy since 2024. The startup has developed a solution in the field of accessibility for people with hearing disabilities and participated in the fourth edition of TrenLab, subsequently formalizing a contract with Renfe for the larger-scale implementation of its solution.

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