TrenLab has selected Imotion Analytics, Obuu, Ossicles, and Showleap for its second acceleration program.


More than 170 startups applied to a call launched with the aim of identifying the most disruptive startups capable of addressing three challenges posed by Renfe: digitization of operations, traveler communication, and integral mobility operator. Out of all the applications, with 25% being international, 10 finalists were selected: Chaingo, Cohosting, Imotion Analytics, Journify, Obuu, Ossicles, Pixelabs, Showleap, UnaDeApp, and Ubirider. They defended their projects in a pitch format, leaving a challenging decision to the selection committee consisting of representatives from Renfe, Kibo Ventures, Nekko Capital, and Wayra Spain. The winners were the proposals with the greatest potential for scalability, adaptation to the operator’s business, the best team, and product.

The disruptive proposals of the winners.

El Google Analyticsde los negocios físicos’ es la definición que hace el equipo de Imotion Analytics. The startup, created in Barcelona, through its technology of people and object recognition, allows measuring passenger flow and their profiles (male/female and age), detecting different types of fraud in real-time, and calculating real-time parking occupancy.

Obuu It is focused on digitizing operations and has been created in Madrid, with the development of software that defines the current efficiency of a fleet in master curves and shows what the maximum efficiencies achievable could be for each investment range, solely with an optimal provisioning strategy.

The startup Ossicles aims for passengers to listen to their individual screens without using headphones or disturbing other passengers. The project team, of Madrid origin, aims for the noise and vibrations inside a car to be less than 45dB.

Finally, the solution proposed by Showleap aims to facilitate communication between deaf individuals and listeners. The startup is developing a real-time sign language to voice translator based on camera recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and neural networks in Madrid. Their solution, which includes a video call system with professional interpreters, would be implemented on trains to improve communication with passengers and enhance their user experience.

In addition to a monetary prize of up to €50,000, the four winners will receive a personalized six-month acceleration program at TrenLab, the accelerator that Renfe launched in 2018 as part of its innovation plan and was awarded to Wayra Spain, Telefónica’s open innovation hub.