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Customer experience

We aim to drive Renfe’s digital transformation through infrastructure observation, providing support for maintenance tasks, and passenger control at stations. We are seeking tracking solutions to address issues such as ticketing, customer orientation, online marketing, or access control.


Enhancing communication with the traveler to optimize their experience and provide proactive information.


We aim to create value in the manufacturing of train parts by efficiently producing spare parts when needed, right at the point of consumption, with complete traceability and security, using intelligent sensors for predictive maintenance in the industry.

Operador integral de movilidad

Operador integral de movilidad para facilitar la movilidad de los clientes incluyendo todas las opciones de transporte en una sola plataforma.

Operations Digitalization

Digitization of operations to identify new sources of data and tools that transform them into knowledge enabling real-time business decisions.

On-Demand Logistics

On-Demand Logistics seeks to flexibly adapt its logistics offering to the demand for freight transportation, taking into account the flows and needs for each type of traffic.

Operations Digitalization

The Digitalization of Operations aims to fully leverage the possibilities of digital technologies to manage operations in real-time, in connection with the expectations integrated into the first challenge.

Digital Mobility

Digital technologies are key to unlocking the full potential of Digital Mobility. By leveraging AI, big data, and other innovations, the industry can deliver a more seamless, efficient, and enjoyable travel experience for all.

Fleet optimization

We are looking for technological solutions that enable better optimization of the rolling stock fleet to improve efficiency and offer the best possible service to our customers.

Industry 5.0

We are looking for innovative technological projects in the field of railway manufacturing and maintenance, aimed at digitization and the incorporation of new Industry 5.0 technologies (IoT, Big Data, asset management, process digitization, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, computer vision, etc.).

Virtual reality training

We are seeking to develop a virtual reality tool that integrates training needs in driving, digitizing real infrastructure environments and specific vehicles. This tool will allow training in situations and skills necessary to complement safety training for driving personnel.

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