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TrenLab’s Round 5 Call for startups

Our challenges

The TrenLab´s Round 5 call is about to end, and soon we will announce the challenges for the 6th. Don’t miss the chance to be one of the winners, with the advantage of being able to apply, once the pilot development is completed, for a contract with Renfe of up to 1 million Euros, for the project’s deployment on a larger scale.

Our challenges

Metaverse in mobility

We aim to be the first European railway operator exploring the possibilities of the metaverse applied to the mobility sector, seeking to develop the first use cases applied to transportation with the goal of examining its potential and evaluating the balance between the physical and virtual worlds.

Digitalization of security systems

We aim to continue fostering the development of the most revolutionary technological projects focused on driving the digitalization of Renfe’s security systems.

Ecological transportation

In order to continue being the most environmentally friendly mode of passenger transportation, we need solutions that contribute to enhancing our leadership, in line with our strategic plan: promoting the use of public transportation, new models that manage to mitigate environmental impact, systems that contribute to energy transition (green hydrogen, natural gas, biomethane…), and new sustainable and ecological materials for passenger trains.

Virtual reality training

We are seeking to develop a virtual reality tool that integrates training needs in driving, digitizing real infrastructure environments and specific vehicles. This tool will allow training in situations and skills necessary to complement safety training for driving personnel.

Industry 5.0

We are looking for innovative technological projects in the field of railway manufacturing and maintenance, aimed at digitization and the incorporation of new Industry 5.0 technologies (IoT, Big Data, asset management, process digitization, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, computer vision, etc.).

Fleet optimization

We are looking for technological solutions that enable better optimization of the rolling stock fleet to improve efficiency and offer the best possible service to our customers.

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