Metaverse in mobility

Metaverse in mobility


Call for proposals: Round 5

In recent years, many companies from various sectors have started to explore the possibilities offered by the different technologies integrated into the metaverse, where people can communicate, collaborate, and create content in a virtual environment. This not only includes technology or entertainment companies, whose application may seem direct, but also sectors such as education for use as an online teaching platform where interaction and collaboration in real-time are possible, or tourism, with the aim of creating virtual travel experiences.allowing users to visit places or attend events without leaving their homes. Some of these companies are working on platforms and technologies specific to the metaverse world, while others are integrating elements of virtual worlds into their existing products.

The challenge

We aim to be the first European railway operator to explore the possibilities of the metaverse applied to the mobility sector, seeking to develop the first use cases applied to transportation with the goal of examining its potential and evaluating the balance between the physical and virtual worlds.


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