Digitalization of security systems

Digitalization of security systems


Call for proposals: Round 5

Technological advancements are a key element in the transformation of industries; specifically, they have significantly improved safety in various fields. Today, there is a growing industry of startups specialized in developing innovative solutions in this field using technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, or drones, which enable the automation and simplification of many security tasks, as well as improving their efficiency. At Renfe, we closely follow all these advancements as a demonstration of our commitment to safety, driving digital transformation, and the use of innovative technologies. An example of this is a pioneering project like the Renfe Smart Security Station, which allows for the anonymous and automated collection and processing of thousands of data points gathered by the CCTV system in Cercanías stations.

The challenge

We aim to continue fostering the development of the most revolutionary technological projects focused on driving the digitalization of Renfe’s security systems.

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