Ecological transportation

Ecological transportation


Call for proposals: Round 5

Renfe is the leading passenger transport company with the lowest emissions in Spain, but we have the opportunity in our hands to make rail transport greener every day. The train has become a necessary form of transportation in the face of the urgency to reduce polluting emissions and mitigate climate change, as it is a mode with very low emissions, inclusive, sustainable and safe. In addition, manufacturers are developing more sustainable and lightweight passenger trains through the use of lightweight and recyclable materials, as well as clean and more efficient propulsion systems.

The challenge

In order to remain the most environmentally friendly passenger transport mode, we need solutions that contribute to: Increase our commitment and leadership to sustainability, i n line with our strategic plan: promoting the use of public transportation, new models to mitigate environmental impact, systems contributing to energy transition (green hydrogen, natural gas, biomethane…), and new sustainable and ecological materials for passenger trains.

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