Digitalization of freight transportation.

Digitalization of freight transportation.

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At Renfe Mercancías, we provide a comprehensive service as a railway logistics operator, capable of managing or participating in any comprehensive logistics chain, both nationally and internationally. All of this under the principle of safety, with a clear customer orientation, based on quality, efficiency, profitability, and innovation criteria, aiming to increase the railway market share, based on our commitment to society and the development of our employees.

However, in recent years, the freight transportation and logistics sector has undergone a significant transformation. The competitive advantages of new digital technologies are transforming production processes and the relationship between companies and their customers, creating new opportunities, disruptive products, and innovative business models.

We are seeking transformative, innovative, and technological solutions that support the digitization of freight transportation by rail as a means to achieve operational excellence, improved profitability, and increased competitiveness.